Building the Knowledge Culture

3 Cs for Strategic Knowledge Professionals

Guy St. Clair

Referring to Alan Bryant’s 2009 three things that “matter” for managers: competence, confidence, caring. How do these apply in the KM/knowledge services arena? A story for readers.

Learn: Measuring KM/Knowledge Services

Guy St. Clair

Save the date: Friday, June 11, 2010 – New Orleans, LA USA The course: KMKS 08 Critical Success Factors: Measuring Knowledge Services Learn techniques and tools for measuring success in knowledge services in this popular Click U course. You’ll learn about the value of metrics in the KM/knowledge services process and have the opportunity to focus on organizational service comparisons for continuous improvement. Once you’ve had this course, you’ll understand how you can use benchmarking, user evaluations, discussion tracking, and how to deal with intangible assets. This is your opportunity to show management just how good your work is (and…
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