Building the Knowledge Culture

3 Cs for Strategic Knowledge Professionals

Guy St. Clair

Referring to Alan Bryant’s 2009 three things that “matter” for managers: competence, confidence, caring. How do these apply in the KM/knowledge services arena? A story for readers.

Four Keys to Culture Change

Guy St. Clair

Four key steps ensure success in culture change with respect to KM/Knowledge Services: a formalized strategic learning functional unit in the organization, ongoing opportunities for awareness-raising about the value of KM/Knowledge Services, senior management sponsorship for KM/Knowledge Services, and structured succession planning to ensure that knowledge is shared and available after employees leave a position.

Knowledge Strategy – Prescriptive or Descriptive?

Guy St. Clair

There is no single approach to knowledge strategy development, and in this particular discipline in the KM/knowledge services arena, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Every institution and every functional unit has its own way of dealing with knowledge. The trick is to dig deep enough to find out how the knowledge is to dealt with.