Building the Knowledge Culture

Recommended: The KM Education Forum

Guy St. Clair

Take a look at the Knowledge Management Education Forum, an on-going, annual dialog hosted by Kent State University and George Washington University.

Good work, and participation and collaboration is welcome.

This new initiative seeks to identify and grow consensus on the knowledge management body of knowledge, competencies, roles and curriculum.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement for the group:

The increased focus on the knowledge economy has heightened interest in knowledge management as a profession, an occupation and its essential competencies. Many believe that it is time to acknowledge that Knowledge Management is a professional area of practice and to begin a formal discussion of the educational foundation needed to support this area of professional practice. While there is a wealth of published and informal literature, thought derived from practice, and dialog on these topics, a consensus on what constitutes the core elements of knowledge management competencies and knowledge management education is lacking.

I attended the first three webinars and fully expect to continue, and to attend the conference in Washington May 5 and 6.

Well worth the time and effort, and the insightful participation of the speakers and the attendees makes this an important opportunity for future (or current) knowledge leaders. If you expect to be dealing with how people learn about KM, knowledge services, and knowledge strategy development, you should look at this program.

– Guy St. Clair

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