Building the Knowledge Culture

What Makes the “Ideal” Chief Executive? Knowledge Strategist?

Guy St. Clair

Take a look at the latest blog post from The Drucker Institute: If You Don’t Have Steve Jobs’ Personality, Don’t Fret.

Continuing our ongoing discussion about the attributes of the successful knowledge strategist, here’s good advice about how to succeed as a leader.

In my opinion what’s offered here applies as well to the knowledge strategist (or any knowledge worker with responsibility for knowledge services delivery) as to the CEO.

And if you don’t have time to read the entire post, here are the five “practices in particular” that the most able leaders have acquired and turned into habits:

1.   They know where their time goes.

2.   They focus on outward contribution and “gear their efforts to results rather than to work.”

3.   They build on strengths.

4.   They concentrate on the few major areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results.

5.   They limit themselves to relatively few decisions and approach them systematically.

— October 29, 2011

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