Building the Knowledge Culture

Knowledge Workers in the New KM Environment

Guy St. Clair

After the build-up in prior posts about the Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) – held in Philadelphia last month – a bit of follow-up is appropriate. I won’t report on the entire conference, but I’m happy to share a few comments about some of  the activities. Perhaps this brief post will be of interest to knowledge workers who read these posts and provoke some useful knowledge sharing. A first impression – and I’ve certainly seen this coming over the past couple of years or so – is that KM/knowledge services is no longer the esoteric but hard-to-define management…
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SLA’s European Chapter: A Bit of History

Guy St. Clair

Interested SLA members might want to spend a few minutes listening to my comments about SLA’s European Chapter. Back in the 1980s, when I was living in the U.K., a group of us got to thinking about how the chapter might be revived. A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked by Dennie Heye of the European Chapter if I would be willing to be interviewed, to describe some of our activities in that process. The interview can be heard here.