Building the Knowledge Culture

About SMR International


SMR International is a New York-based consultancy practice focused on knowledge services and the role of knowledge strategy in organizational effectiveness. Much of the company’s work emphasizes change and change management and the impact of change on people as they implement knowledge strategy within the larger enterprise. Through SMR International’s advisory services, strategic learning programs, and SMR’s publications, the company helps clients explore alternative future programs and assists in crafting these visions into functional definition.

SMR International works with organizations seeking to re-conceptualize, transform, and support new ways of managing intellectual capital as a corporate asset. As companies embrace the emerging discipline of knowledge strategy through knowledge services (converging information management, knowledge management, and strategic learning), enterprise-wide knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and knowledge utilization (KD/KS/KU) are achieved, enabling and sustaining an organizational knowledge culture.

Enhanced contextual decision-making, accelerated innovation, strengthened higher-level research, and excellence in knowledge asset management are hallmarks of the organizational knowledge culture. With a knowledge culture, all employees and other affiliates¬†have access to the information, knowledge, and strategic learning content they need when they need it, achieved through the collaboration of knowledge workers in their relationships with the company’s strategic knowledge professionals and knowledge strategists.

With clients and colleagues throughout the world and a team of global associates specializing in knowledge services management in all business areas, SMR International stands ready to advise enterprise leaders as they transition to a knowledge-centric culture.