Building the Knowledge Culture

About SMR International


SMR International is a New York-based consultancy practice focused on knowledge services and the contribution of knowledge strategy to organizational effectiveness. Much of the company’s work emphasizes change and change management and the impact of change on people as they implement knowledge strategy within the larger enterprise. Through SMR International’s advisory services, strategic learning programs, and SMR International’s publications, the company helps clients explore alternative future programs and assists in crafting these visions into functional definition.

SMR International works with organizations seeking to re-conceptualize, transform, and support new ways of managing intellectual capital as a corporate asset. As organizations embrace the emerging discipline of knowledge strategy through knowledge services, enterprise-wide knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and knowledge utilization (KD/KS/KU) are achieved, enabling and sustaining the organization as a knowledge culture.

As a knowledge culture, the organization moves to a balanced environment that ensures the realization of the organization’s vision and the achievement of its organizational mission. By establishing knowledge services as the foundation for managing and delivering KD/KS/KU, the organization positions itself for enhanced contextual decision making, accelerated innovation, strengthened, higher-level research, and excellence in knowledge asset management, all hallmarks of the organizational knowledge culture.

In the organization, all employees and other affiliates have access to the information, knowledge, and strategic learning content they need when they need it, achieved through the collaboration of knowledge workers in their relationships with the company’s strategic knowledge professionals and knowledge strategists.

Knowledge Services


As a consulting practice working with a wide range of organization types, knowledge services and the support of knowledge services in knowledge strategy development are the focus of SMR International’s work. At SMR International, we define knowledge services as an approach to the management of intellectual capital that converges information management, knowledge management, and strategic learning into a single enterprise-wide discipline.

The purpose of knowledge services is to ensure the highest levels of knowledge sharing within the organization in which it is practiced, with leadership in knowledge sharing the responsibility of the organization’s knowledge strategist. The emphasis is on the development of a knowledge strategy that meets the knowledge-sharing needs of any community, organization, or business, thus providing a practical strategic framework applicable in any environment.

Building on knowledge services, the knowledge strategist serves as the organization’s knowledge thought leader, with a recognized and authoritative role in the development and implementation of the organizational knowledge strategy. With knowledge services as the foundation for the organization’s knowledge strategy, any organization – for-profit, non-profit, or not-for-profit – benefits from applying management, leadership, and knowledge services principles to managing information, knowledge, and strategic learning in and throughout the organization.

[These definitions and the management and leadership principles applied by SMR International in its work are described in Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization (Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, 2016) by Guy St. Clair, SMR International’s President and Founder.]

Choosing SMR International


In its unique role as the primary consulting practice offering advice about knowledge services as a practical management and leadership framework, SMR International provides expertise in strategic briefing and planning for new ways of ensuring that information, knowledge, and strategic learning are shared in the organization. Since 1984, the company has been committed to the integration of strategy, research, and management expertise, believing that each informs the others. SMR International is known for the company’s research on client needs and assists clients through the following products and services:

  • Knowledge strategy development—particularly transition planning—for enterprise-wide knowledge services, including an advisory service for organizations moving from print knowledge assets to the management of digitized knowledge assets
  • Knowledge services audit design and implementation, combining the methodologies of the standard needs analysis (asking what knowledge resources and services people require to do their work), the information audit (which determines how knowledge assets are actually used), and the knowledge audit (which looks at knowledge assets, how they are produced, and by whom)
  • Management reviews in enterprise-wide information, knowledge, and strategic learning delivery, including knowledge development/knowledge sharing/knowledge utilization (KD/KS/KU) studies.

With clients and colleagues throughout the world and a team of global associates specializing in knowledge services management in all business areas, SMR International stands ready to advise enterprise leaders as they transition to a knowledge culture.

Select Client List


  • Soutron Global, San Diego CA
  • Millward Brown, New York, NY
  • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), Nairobi, Kenya
  • Library and Archives of Development (World Bank Group), Washington DC
  • United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS), Washington, DC
  • CAVAL Collaborative Solutions, Melbourne VIC Australia
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Library and Knowledge-Sharing Centre, United Nations, NY
  • Special Libraries Association, Washington, DC
  • Experimental Aircraft Association, Oshkosh, WI
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), Washington, DC
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington, DC
  • IntraHealth International, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Initiative Fortbildung für Wissenschaftliche Spezialbibliotheken und Verwandte Einrichtungen E.V., Berlin Germany
  • The National Academies of Sciences/National Research Council, Washington, DC
  • The New York Public Libraries – The Research Libraries, New York, NY
  • Executive Office of the President, The White House, Washington, DC
  • Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA
  • University of North Texas, Denton, TX
  • ExxonMobil Global Services, Dallas, TX
  • Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, Washington, DC
  • Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Arlington, VA
  • Dynamic Research Corporation, Arlington, VA
  • United States Air Force Integrated Digital Environment Project, Arlington, VA
  • United States Department of Defense Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Alexandria, VA
  • White House/Fannie Mae Information Sharing and Analysis Centers, Washington, DC