Building the Knowledge Culture

KM and Knowledge Services: Raising Awareness for Top Management

Nerisa Jepkorir Kamar

  The knowledge worker is defined as anyone who makes his or her living developing, sharing, or using knowledge. It’s a good definition, and it works, but it might be too broad. Many knowledge workers do their work, but that work is usually limited to one performance area or type of work. They do not deal with management issues or with the “place” of the KM/knowledge services function in the larger organization. On the other hand, those of us who work as knowledge specialists, knowledge professionals, or knowledge strategists deal with management issues all the time. We are daily confronted…
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Food for Thought for Knowledge Strategists: Looking at Leadership from a Different Perspective

Gregory D. Bailey

[Ed. Note: We welcome as our Guest Blogger Gregory D. Bailey PhD(c) at KP,Inc. USA Founder, Chief Disruptor- KEMITArchitecture Designs. Knowledge Economic Management Innovation Transfer Technology Models. Dr. Bailey responded  to a recent post and agreed to have SMR International share his post. – Guy St. Clair] How Has Leadership Been Defined By Various Theorists Over the Years? Leadership research at the core; must have the central theme the tenet; of respect and dignity of humanity. Research on leadership is not triviality; neither should it be seen by academician and scholars –practitioners as an approach, taken as another academic exercise.…
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Working Together – Collaboration and Knowledge Services

Guy St. Clair

  8 Things You Need to Know About KM and Knowledge Services 1 – Collaboration is the name of the game. Company success (or organizational success if you don’t work in the corporate sector) is based on how efficiently people find what they need. If employees spend too much time or money looking for information and knowledge, they are wasting the company’s resources and inhibiting the company’s larger success. And finding themselves professionally frustrated. Success comes when people collaborate, when they share what they know, whether it’s knowledge about a current project or day-to-day information used for established routines. In…
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