Building the Knowledge Culture

What SMR Does — And the Results


SMR International works with organizations seeking to re-conceptualize, transform, and support new ways of managing intellectual capital as a corporate asset. As organizations embrace the emerging discipline of knowledge strategy through knowledge services, enterprise-wide knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and knowledge utilization (KD/KS/KU) are achieved, enabling and sustaining the organization as a knowledge culture.

As a knowledge culture, the organization moves to a balanced environment that ensures the realization of the organization’s vision and the achievement of its organizational mission. By establishing knowledge services as the foundation for managing and delivering KD/KS/KU, the organization positions itself for enhanced contextual decision making, accelerated innovation, strengthened, higher-level research, and excellence in knowledge asset management, all hallmarks of the organizational knowledge culture.

In the organization, all employees and other affiliates have access to the information, knowledge, and strategic learning content they need when they need it, achieved through the collaboration of knowledge workers in their relationships with the company’s strategic knowledge professionals and knowledge strategists.