Building the Knowledge Culture



Welcome to SMRShare, SMR International’s corporate knowledge capture site.

At SMRShare you will find much content that has been identified by the SMR team, specifically to be shared with you as you move forward in your knowledge services and knowledge strategy development activities. Because much is written about these subjects (with a considerable amount of this documentation originating at SMR Int’l), our goal here is to capture as much of this knowledge as we can and make it available here in our company’s own knowledge base.

For six years, SMR International’s blog posts on a wide range of topics relating to knowledge services, knowledge strategy, and the development of the knowledge culture have been published at this site. For interested colleagues and clients (and potential clients), these resources can be accessed by subject using the search engine for the site (to the right) or accessed by date (see chronological listing, also to the right).

At SMRShare you will find current discussion items, as well as legacy materials prepared for and accessible to SMR International’s clients and colleagues. We invite you to read and study the materials below. If you use any of these materials, we expect you to credit SMR International, as all of this material is copyrighted and is the intellectual property of SMR International.

SMR Management Action Plans for Knowledge Services (SMR MAPs), by Guy St. Clair & Dale Stanley

Special Reports from SMR International

SMR Briefings


SMR Presentations

Soutron Global Transforming Libraries Webinars

SLA at 100: From Putting Knowledge to Work to Building the Knowledge Culture, by Guy St. Clair (Excerpts)

SMR e-Profiles, a collection of essays about strategic knowledge professionals, recognized for their leadership and management skill. SMR e-Profiles were published between December, 2005 and May, 2011.